Triple Action to ZERO

In order for people to live on Earth in a sustainable manner, Honda seeks to realize a society with zero environmental impact. Accordingly, the Company established the Triple ZERO initiative, a concept for environmental initiatives, and in 2021, it set Triple Action to ZERO, which defines specific target years and actions. Efforts will be centered around the Triple Action to ZERO, which integrates three elements, namely carbon neutrality, clean energy and resource circulation, into one concept. Under this concept, Honda is considering and implementing measures while taking into account a linkage of the three elements. The Company recognizes that this will lead to the acceleration of initiatives in international frameworks and to Nature-based Solutions (NbS) that are attracting increasing interest from stakeholders.

Carbon Neutrality

CO2 emissions, net zero by 2050

To address climate change issues, Honda will work toward a target of limiting the global average temperature rise to 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels by reducing carbon emissions from corporate activities and throughout the product life cycle.

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Clean Energy

100% utilization of carbon-free energy by 2050

To address energy issues, Honda will go a step beyond its conventional initiative of reducing energy risks and aim to use clean energy both during product use and in corporate activities.

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Resource Circulation

100% use of sustainable materials by 2050

To address the effective utilization of resources, Honda will go beyond its previous initiative aimed at reducing the risks related to resources and waste disposal by taking on the additional challenge of developing products and creating systems that use sustainable materials and have zero environmental impact. In the area of corporate activities, Honda aims to achieve “zero” industrial water intake and industrial waste at Honda plants by 2050.

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