AHM Foundation Again Gives Scholarships for Students and Teachers


PT. Astra Honda Motor (AHM) once again provided distance learning scholarships (PJJ) of Rp350 million for students and teachers in order to maintain optimal learning during the pandemic.

Jakarta - PT. Astra Honda Motor (AHM) once again provided distance learning scholarships (PJJ) of Rp350 million for students and teachers in order to maintain optimal learning during the pandemic.

This PJJ scholarship is part of the educational scholarship program provided by the AHM Foundation to support the world of education. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has not ended, has made the teaching and learning process possible online. Not a few students and teachers face financial difficulties in participating in distance learning which is still ongoing today. 

Chairman of the AHM Foundation Ahmad Muhibbuddin said the PJJ scholarship was part of the AHM Foundation's commitment in strengthening its contribution in the field of education by assisting students and teachers to follow the learning process amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Hopefully this educational assistance can ease the finances of parents and honorary teachers in carrying out the distance learning process during the pandemic. We hope that they will remain enthusiastic and always creative so that this country can still produce a smart and quality generation even in the midst of a pandemic," said Muhibbuddin.

Educational scholarship assistance is given to 203 high-achieving students at One Heart School, which are fostered by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) and also students from AHM-assisted Kampung Berseri, as well as 36 honorary teachers in schools around the company. Assistance is distributed through school representatives to then be distributed to students and teachers while adhering to the prevailing health protocols (22/2).

The PJJ scholarships from the AHM Foundation are distributed to 49 schools with varying nominal values ​​according to educational levels. For elementary and junior high schools, they receive assistance worth Rp1,250,000 for each student and for SMA and equivalent, they receive Rp1,500,000 for each student. Meanwhile, the AHM Foundation also gave an appreciation of IDR 2,000,000 to each honorary teacher who has been dedicated for more than 5 years and is active in motivating students to participate in activities at One Heart School.

This educational scholarship assistance is a continuation of the distribution of similar scholarships that were implemented in October last year. Through these two stages of assistance, the AHM Foundation has distributed educational scholarships worth a total of Rp700 million.

Apart from being given to outstanding students, this second stage of educational assistance was also given to students and teachers who were active in the AHM's One Heart School program, namely being active in the Adiwiyata program, preserving angklung culture, and a safety riding program to improve the quality of One Hati School.

"This pandemic has made students adapt quickly by continuing to study even at home. I am very grateful that this scholarship assistance can at least help ease the burden on my parents in this online learning process, "said Eva Sabrina, a student from SMA Negeri 13 Jakarta.

One Heart School is a school that partners with AHM in the concept of development through three main pillars, namely environmental, cultural and social. This program is expected to encourage the realization of schools and students who are environmentally friendly (Adiwiyata), committed to the preservation of angklung culture and contribute to the process of social change, especially social driving safety.