The Honda Khiang Khang Thai and Utokapat Foundation Under Royal Patronage announce the success of the 7-year Water Resource Development Project in Nan province.


The Honda Khiang Khang Thai Fund (HKKT Fund), under the Honda Thailand Foundation, is pleased to announce the success of its seventh year of collaboration with the Utokapat Foundation Under Royal Patronage on the Water Resource Development Project in the Nan Basin under Royal Initiative. The project has increased water storage capacity by 144,825 cubic meters, benefiting 7,643 rai of agricultural land. As a result, 2,198 households (5,914 people) in the five Nan River Basin areas (Nan and Phitsanulok provinces) now have access to water for domestic use and consumption, as well as a reserve for agriculture throughout the year. These communities have become a model for systematic and sustainable water management.

Volunteer activities were carried out to build check dams and plant local trees in the areas of Ban Dong Pha Poon, Ban Na Bong, and Ban Wang Pa. The activities were supported by volunteers from all three communities, dealers and Honda customers, as well as students from the Bipartite Technical College of Pua, Nan province. Together, they built three check dams and planted 1,000 native trees, such as Tao (local palm), rattan, Miang, Makhwaen (Sichuan pepper), Phayung, Yang Na, and Kritsana. The aim is to help slow down water flow and increase moisture in the area, keeping it fertile. This ensures that people have water for domestic use, consumption, and sustainable agriculture throughout the year.