Honda Issues Integrated Report – “Honda Report 2023” – Easy-to-understand Introduction of Honda Initiatives for Future Growth –


Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today issued the company’s integrated report, the “Honda Report 2023,” and made it available on the company website. 



Honda Global Brand Slogan


CEO message

■About Honda Report

The Honda Report summarizes the medium- to long-term initiatives Honda pursues in order to enhance its future corporate value. With this report, Honda will communicate what Honda is striving to achieve (the future vision), what value Honda will offer to its customers (the value proposition) and how Honda is striving to “move” people physically and also “move” people’s hearts and spread dreams throughout the world while being driven by the dreams of each and every one working together at Honda. 


Positioning of the Honda Report

■Key Changes from the Honda Report 2022

・Enhanced sharing of stories about how Honda will create new value

Honda has redefined its Global Brand Slogan to re-clarify the future vision and value proposition of Honda. Starting with this year’s report, Honda will introduce concrete initiatives the company has been taking toward the realization of its future vision and value proposition. To ensure solid pursuit of such initiatives, five key themes were selected, under which Honda will strive to attain its goals while also aligning the initiatives with its financial strategies. Moreover, throughout the report, the business strategies for the future are summarized as an easy-to-understand series of stories which also include relevant strategies for human resources, technologies and other factors necessary to implement the business strategies.


Value creation process

・Introduction of “people” and their “dreams,” the strengths of Honda

This year’s Honda Report includes messages from executives responsible for each of the company’s operations and interview articles of seven Honda associates who embody the Honda Global Brand Slogan, “The Power of Dreams – How we move you.” throughout their career. Through these interviews, the Honda Report 2023 introduces the dreams of Honda associates and their passion to realize their respective dreams, which are the driving force behind Honda. 




Interviews of Honda associates

・Disclosing more targets and internal management indicators 

Honda has set more quantitative and mid-term targets as milestones on the way to the realization of its future vision. In addition to financial targets such as return on sales (ROS) and return on invested capital (ROIC), Honda discloses more targets and management indicators set for each priority area, including the environment, safety, human resources and intellectual properties and brands. 

・Adoption of a new format with improved readability

Last year, the full report was made available for download in PDF format. This year, Honda took various measures to enhance readability of the report. For example, key contents of value creation stories, which are of high interest to our stakeholders, such as company-wide strategies, financial strategies and electrification in each business area, are turned into website pages (HTML), and the format and design of the PDF pages were also improved. 


Image of Honda Report website page (HTML)