Environmental Initiatives: Striving for Zero Environmental Impact

Honda will strive for zero environmental impact of not only our products but the entire product lifecycle including our corporate activities, focusing on the three pillars of “carbon neutrality,” “clean energy,” and “resource circulation.”

     In addition to the electrification of our motorcycles and automobiles, we will enhance the range of easier-to-use electrified products with our Honda Mobile Power Pack swappable batteries and expand the utilization of renewable energy by enabling infrastructure-linked smart power operations for recharging. To further expand the use of renewable energy, we will be proactive in promoting the utilization of hydrogen.

     Honda will pursue research on material recycling, including more effective ways to reuse and recycle batteries, and take on the challenge of developing products made from 100% sustainable materials.

     We will also continue to work on the concept of Honda eMaaS through which Honda will contribute to the freedom of mobility and expanded use of renewable energy by connecting electrified mobility products and energy services. Honda eMaaS will be steadily pursued with a focus on the three core areas of “expansion of the utilization of Mobile Power Packs,” “utilization of large-capacity batteries for electrified vehicles,” and “application and implementation of fuel cell systems.”

     In the long run, we will aim to realize a multi-pathway of energy, including carbon-neutral fuels for aircraft and other products for which electrification is difficult.