Basic approach

Toward a Collision-Free Mobile Society

As exemplified by the remark of our founder Soichiro Honda that “as long as we are handling a mode of transportation, we are entrusted with human lives,” Honda is, on the basis of the concept of safe coexistence, aiming at “a collision-free mobile society,” where our customers and indeed everyone sharing the road, can safely and confidently enjoy the freedom of mobility.

Honda has a long history of engagement in safety initiatives dating back to the 1960s. Back then, in the period of development of motorization in Japan when there was not even a clear concept of “driving safety,” Honda started driving safety promotion activities, the first of their kind for motorcycle/automobile manufacturers. Later, we developed various technologies including the driver-side SRS airbag, the world’s first pedestrian dummies and the Advanced Compatibility Engineering Body Structure which helps to protect occupants of both vehicles in a collision. In 2000, we built the world’s first indoor crash test facility, making it possible to conduct tests that better reflect real world crash configurations.

Safety technologies developed as described above have been aggressively applied to various products. As for pedestrian dummies, in order to enhance safety for the traffic society as a whole, their use is not only limited to the development of Honda’s products. They are also leased to other companies and research institutions, widely contributing to the studies on pedestrian protection. Honda is actively working on traffic safety, giving attention to the actual conditions and traffic issues that exist in each period and region.