Honda Vietnam and the Traffic Police Department summarized the results of implementation of joint activities on Traffic Safety in 2020 and plan for 2021.


As part of the cooperation program signed on January 21, 2019 between the Traffic Police Department and Honda Vietnam Company on the implementation of safe driving training (LXAT) activities in the period of 2019 - 2021.

As part of the cooperation program signed on January 21, 2019 between the Traffic Police Department and Honda Vietnam Company on the implementation of safe driving training (LXAT) activities in the period of 2019 - 2021. In 2020, HVN collaborated with the Department of Traffic Police to synchronously deploy 4 main activities: Training to improve the skills of teaching high-displacement motorcycles in safety for the guide team (tour guides). Traffic police; Train driving skills for local traffic police soldiers at the Traffic Police Department Training Center; Coordinate in propagating, disseminating and educating the law on traffic safety across the country; and provide data, information and coordinate analysis of traffic accidents, update and amend training curriculum. This is the effort of Honda Vietnam Company in joining hands with Government agencies to strengthen traffic safety activities to contribute to reducing traffic accidents. With that effort, the combined traffic safety activities in 2020 between Hanoi and the Traffic Police Department has recorded positive results and received high appreciation from the coordinating parties:

Accordingly, the training activities are carried out under the direct guidance of professional safe driving instructors of Honda Vietnam with many years of experience in the LXAT training field and won many high awards at the events. Examination of the excellent International LXAT Instructor.

Training to improve teaching skills for safe large displacement motorcycles for the staff of the Traffic Police Department : the activity took place with 2 training courses for 21 trainees. Newly issued, amended and supplemented in the field of road traffic since 2016, trainees are also imparted by Honda Vietnamese instructors on teaching skills, illustrating models and supplementing knowledge and skills. to help improve students' abilities such as: correct driving posture, turn around, narrow board balance, reflex brakes ...

Training on safe driving skills for the local traffic police: With the aim of improving the skills of driving a safe car to meet the requirements of ensuring traffic order and safety, from October 2020 to November 2020, 4 courses respectively take place with the attended by nearly 300 civil servants in charge of ensuring traffic safety order in the localities. With effort and enthusiasm, Honda Vietnam has introduced many advanced training equipment and means in training courses such as air bag operation simulator, S-navi driving simulator. In particular, the work of local patrol and control poses many potential risks for officials. Therefore, this year, in the training curriculum, Honda Vietnam instructors pay special attention to skills of judgment and risk prevention, in addition to skills to help LXAT such as: turning around, moving back and forth, feeling get car space. Through this course,

Activities of Coordination in propagating, disseminating and educating about traffic safety laws across the country:The activity has been implemented through a series of events jointly organized by HVN in 2020 with the participation of the Department of Traffic Police in many roles such as: coordinating with the Project Steering Committee to award 2 million helmets. for grade 1 students; coordinating the implementation of traffic safety programs in schools such as: traffic safety for children's smiles for teachers and primary school students in 42 provinces; traffic safety program for smiles tomorrow for teachers and students at middle and high school level in 63 provinces and cities nationwide; composing and consulting film content I love Vietnam new version. Next are Youth programs with Traffic Culture, the Contest of Safe Driving Instructors and the Safe Driving program of motorcycle dealership systems across the country.

Activities of providing data, information and coordinating analysis of traffic accidents, updating and modifying training curriculum

In 2020, along with the provision of data and information to analyze the causes of traffic accidents, the Traffic Police Department will also contribute to advising Honda Vietnam in updating and modifying training curriculum to keep pace. equipped with new information and data to improve the skills and competencies of learners' subjects.

The Department of Traffic Police highly appreciated and acknowledged the efforts of HVN in coordinating training and improving safety skills for traffic police officers across the country, especially the skill of teaching safe PKL motorcycles for combat officers. (CBCS) Department of Traffic Police. It is expected that in 2021, Honda Vietnam will continue to strengthen training transfer activities, enhance the main teaching role of officers of the Traffic Police Department, especially continuing to expand the improvement of teaching skills for CBCS Traffic Police Department for Driving Safe Cars.