Safety Awareness Campaign
 Atlas Honda Ltd. (AHL) with combined efforts of the traffic police department created awareness of rearview mirrors, indicators and helmet.
Safety Riding Education
 Atlas Honda Ltd. (AHL) has established a safety riding school in collaboration with City Traffic Police, Lahore,
One Dealer One School
In this program, each dealership supports one provincial vocational school by providing education and training on riding safety.
Honda Dream Road
“Honda Dream Road” campaign - joint effort to build a decade of road safety
Safety driving skills training program
The series of training activities will be professionally conducted and cover a wide range of objects that affect traffic safety in Vietnam.
Broadcasting the Traffic Safety Program “I Love Vietnam”
8-minute traffic safety awareness-raising program titled “I Love Vietnam” on various channels of its national broadcasting station almost every day.
Drive to Safety campaign
The campaign aims to provide education to all road users on the importance of safety.
Honda traffic-training parks
Honda’s 8th traffic park in India and its landmark 1st traffic park to promote road safety in South India.
Safety riding awareness program
Safety training for people by using theory, which is distributed in safety driving books; and practice conducted by direct training on a motorcycle and with the Honda Riding Trainer (HRT) tool.
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