Safety Driving Activities - Vietnam
Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd (HVN) strengthened its cooperation with the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC), Ministry of Education, Central Youth Union, General Traffic Police Department to promote all traffic safety activities
Safe Riding Education in Taichung
Honda Taiwan Co., Ltd (HTW) organized a safe riding education event in Taichung
Safety for Kids
A.P. Honda Co., Ltd (APH) initiated ‘Safety for Kids’ program
Pakistan - Road Safety Seminar
Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited (HACPL) engaged in the national road safety seminar in Lahore as the main sponsor
WOW (Women on Wheels) Rally
Atlas Honda Ltd. (AHL) in association with local institutions organized WOW (Women on Wheels) Rally in Lahore to promote their mobility and secure their independence
Safety Awareness Campaign
Atlas Honda Ltd. (AHL) in partnership with Traffic Police department raised awareness for motorcyclists
Safety Riding Education
Atlas Honda Ltd. (AHL) trained 267 Safety Advisors at dealerships in all regions
One Honda Road Safety Campaign
Together with Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) and Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.,(HCPI), Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) in Philippines initiated ‘One Honda Road Safety’ campaign
TeenSmart Learning Sessions on Road Safety
Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) held TeenSmart Learning for road safety
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