Safety Driving Activities - Vietnam

Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd (HVN) strengthened its cooperation with the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC), Ministry of Education, Central Youth Union, General Traffic Police Department to promote all traffic safety activities:

1) Expanding traffic safety education programs for students nationwide, titled "Traffic Safety for Children’s Smiles.” 1,199 primary schools in 15 provinces and cities, attracting more than 600,000 students participated. Furthermore, the program has expanded to cover all high schools in 63 provinces nationwide in secondary schools.

2) Coordinating and supporting Honda motorcycle and auto dealers across the country to promote driving safety training for customers and the public.  Nearly 480,000 customers have been trained with motorcycle safety.

3) Implementing “Youth contest” in which more than 210,000 youth union members joined the traffic safety programs and driving safety training carried out throughout the country.

4) Strengthening the coordination with the Department of Traffic Police by conducting 13 training courses for 500 learners on advanced safety driving skills by Japanese experts.

5) Conduct helmet giveaway program in which 20,000 helmets were given to pupils and teachers at all levels, and youth union members with the aim of reducing injuries caused by traffic accidents.

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