The Seven Domains of Honda Business Activities

In order to promote its initiatives to mitigate its environmental footprint arising from its own operation, Honda divides its business activities into seven domains – from product development through end-of-life, and each domain sets its own mid-term policies and internal voluntary targets for environmental initiatives.

Product Development

Reducing CO2 emissions is critical to the preservation of the global environment. That is why Honda is aggressively pursuing development of fuel-efficient products, but it is also why we are working to reduce the carbon footprint of R&D processes themselves. Taking inspiration from the motto "low-carbon development of low-carbon products," we actively strive to reduce the various environmental impacts that arise from product development.



Honda purchases an enormous number of product parts from suppliers. Their cooperation is thus essential to reducing environmental impacts in all areas of our business. We created the Global Environmental Vision for Purchasing to align activities toward this single objective, and are joining our worldwide network of materials and parts suppliers in a concerted and engaged effort to reduce the overall environmental impact of our operations.



Honda produces a wide range of products, including automobiles, engines, automatic transmissions, motorcycles, and power products. Honda is actively committed to minimizing the impact of its manufacturing operations on the global environment, including waste generation, air and water pollutant releases, energy and natural resource consumption, and emissions of greenhouse gasses, primarily CO2



Hon da in Asia and Oceania has begun initiatives to improve its efficiency in the transportation domain. As part of its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption, Honda is working to reduce the amount of packaging materials used to ship parts and is promoting the use of returnable containers. Honda has been developing environmental management systems jointly with its logistics partners and implementing other environmentally responsible logistics measures.


Sales and Services

Honda Asia and Oceania take environmental preservation as one of the most significant issues and through automobile and motorcycle sales and service activity, actively contribute to human health maintenance and environmental preservation and aim for an advanced dealer in that action.


Product Recycling

In the Asia and Oceania region, Honda has implemented reuse and recycling initiatives for products and service parts at the end of their useful life, with the aim of increasing the quantity of recycled and remanufactured parts and materials. These efforts include service parts recovered by Honda dealers during service repair.



In the Asia and Oceania region, Honda is promoting environmental conservation measures in the management of its office facilities. To minimize the company’s environmental footprint, Honda associates are developing measures based on their own ideas for more environmentally responsible operations in all business activities.

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