Technology (Vehicle Technologies)

Honda’s approach

Honda has engaged in the development of safety technology placing an emphasis on real-life traffic environments - where multiple forms of mobility, such as motorcycles and automobiles, mix – and the realities of crashes in the real world; with high-minded objectives that go beyond meeting regulatory requirements; and the attitude that “if something doesn’t exist, we will make it.”

We have been developing and commercializing safety technologies one after the other. In 1998, Honda developed the world’s first pedestrian dummies, while we built the world’s first indoor, all-weather omni-directional crash test facility in 2000. In 2003, we developed the crash-compatibility body and the world’s first Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS).

In 2014, we announced “Honda SENSING/ AcuraWatch,” a new advanced driver-assistance safety system. “Honda SENSING/AcuraWatch” is a general term for advanced safety technologies that will lead to automated driving technologies in the future, which assists the driver from normal driving to collision avoidance based on information on the surroundings of the vehicle, collected through the use of sensors and other elements.

Honda will steadily continue to develop technologies as indicated in the roadmap for safety technologies for automobiles (see the diagram below), with an aim to realize “a collision-free mobile society” where anybody using the road can do so in safety.

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