As we are approaching the 3rd year of the Environmental Awards for the Purchasing Divisions in Asia-Oceania Region, we are expanding CO2 reduction activities to new suppliers by more than 10% increasing year by year.

All target suppliers enter the selection process for the Environmental Awards from their countries. To get the Environmental Award, all suppliers need to pass the evaluation process and Genba evaluation with the purchasing division in each production base and related functions such as Facility or Environment.

Until now, we still keep up our efforts to expand CO2 activities to our suppliers in order to achieve the target for every year.

In this year, we are sharing the best GHG reduction activities from the best suppliers in each country, totaling 17 best reduction activities, and also including E function (In house) in 16 example activities. All 33 activities are shared to our production base. Then, the purchasing division in each production base will distribute to their supplier.

This information is a very helpful guideline for A&O suppliers as the collection comes from a variety of suppliers, parts and production processes. As a result, suppliers can utilize the ideas with their production process.

To create blue skies for our children and follow the HM direction, we will continue to expand Co2 activities from now onward.

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