Honda Biodiversity

At Honda, we recognize that our corporate activities could impact biodiversity, and we have always expended efforts into activities that lead to its preservation. We have carried out tree-planting activities and industrial water recycling at our plants since the 1960s and launched our Community Forest program in 1976.

In 2011, we created the Honda Biodiversity Guidelines. These Guidelines established our basic approach as “We recognize, under the Honda Environment Statement, that biodiversity conservation initiatives are an essential part of our commitment to the preservation of the global environment. We will continue to work towards harmony between this commitment and our activities.”

We believe that minimizing the environmental impacts that result from our business activities and products represents a major contribution to conserving biodiversity. In Honda Biodiversity Guidelines, we set out Development of Environmental Technology, Initiatives Based on Corporate Activities, with Cooperation with Communities as one of the priorities in this effort.

Asia & Oceania Biodiversity Initiative

Honda Biodiversity

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