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Honda CO2 caravan activity
Honda purchases an enormous number of product parts from suppliers.
Installation of Thyrister at GSN furnace (Ferrous department)
To reduce energy use in the heating process for maintaining constant temperature (600 degree Celsius) of the Gas Soft Nitriding (GSN).
Reducing natural gas usage by equipment zoning shut down in PT-ED process
P.T. Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) installed programmed additional ladder PLC to optimize its Painting-Electrodeposition (PT-ED) process and oven.
Supply air pressure adjustment
Honda Taiwan Motor Co., Ltd. (HTW) adjusted air pressure from the air-compressor which supplies the power room from 6.5-5.5 kilograms to 5.5-4.7 kilograms
LED High bay for Pressing and welding area
Asian Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd (APM) replaced 88 units of high bay 400-watt metal-halide lights with 150-watt LED lamps in the welding area, and also replaced 39 units of 700-watt metal-halide lights with 200-watt LEDs.
Reducing LPG by changing type of chiller
Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. (HVN) replaced 2 LPG chiller units with electric chiller.
Extraction of energy through CFRS blowers
Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) incorporated in welding section uses a Centralized Fume Recovery System (CFRS) were in waste energy were computed with 5kw through various checking and testing.
Reduce CO2 through Economizer System
Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd. (HACPL) has taken a step forward to reduce CO2 emissions by installing “Economizer System”
Eco Vaporizer LPG system
Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. (HVN) installed heat exchanger to exchange and utilize waste heat between cooling tower system (air compressor and air dryer) and LPG vaporizer system.
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