Business area
LED replacement
Understanding the importance of conserving energy.
Raising environmental awareness among Honda’s associates
A variety of activities which includes turning lights off at lunch time, shutting off personal computers during lunch and after work,
Support associates in the use of more fuel-efficient vehicles
Honda Leasing Thailand Co., Ltd. (HLTC) has deployed 25 natural gas-powered Honda City CNG and 15 Honda Jazz Hybrid to replace gasoline-powered company cars.
Green energy electricity contract
 Honda Australia Pty. Ltd. (AUH) has entered into AGL Green energy electricity contract as part of voluntary program.
Waste management
HRAP has initiated a waste management project focused on reducing coffee paper and plastic cup waste.
Install and improve new energy saving technology
Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (HRAP) and Honda R&D South East Asia Co., Ltd. (HRST) continually seek out means of improving energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of its administrative operations.
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