Tree Fund
Honda New Zealand Limited (HNZ) has continuously implemented the ‘Tree Fund’ program established since 2004.
Solar Food Cart
Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, Private Limited (HMSI) introduced the solar food cart
Tree Planting
Honda Motor India Pvt. Limited (HMI) initiated the tree planting program at nearby areas of its facilities in villages of Karoli and Budi Bawal
Bio drain
 Honda Australia M.&P.E. Pty.Ltd. (AUH-MPE) - The Somerton Warehouse project which was completed at the end of March 2017
Coastal River Clean-up
 Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI) conducted CSR Support Coastal River Clean-up to promote awareness and community concerns regarding coastal clean-up activity.
Bantay Baterya
 The Used Lead Acid Battery Donation is a regular CSR activity of Honda Car Philippines Inc. (HCPI) together with the Honda Cars Suppliers Association (HCSA)
Honda Eco Mileage Challenge
 A.P. Honda Co., Ltd. (APH) - Based on the notion that "Fuel is valuable and running out", the invention of energy-efficient vehicle is a new hope of prolonging the use of fuel on earth.
Pridor Eco Mileage Challenge
 Pridor Eco Mileage Challenge Competition was conducted by Atlas Honda Ltd. (AHL) in which contestants excitedly competed for the longest driving range while conserving fuel.
Sunter Jaya Eco-village (Proklim)
 PT Astra Honda Motor (AHJ) - Developing an environmental program in Sunter Jaya Ecovillage
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Environment Safety