Honda Volunteer Youth Camp
The youth camp enhanced understanding of relevant knowledge and equipped participates with the ability to respond to various types of disasters effectively.
Mount Ridley College - Scholarships
Scholarship support goes towards the funding of school uniforms, text books, school outings and other essential items.
Honda Y-E-S award
Vietnam held successfully the 10 year anniversary of Honda Y-E-S (Young Engineers and Scientists’) Award in 2015.
3P Learning
Funding learning assistance to children around New Zealand in literacy and numeracy.
Internship training for University and College Student.
11 students from University and College have completed internship training in BSH.
School Brigade
HPI supports secondary students in public schools through thedonation of used computers & accessories, refurbishing of computer laboratory, etc.
Scholarship for Technical Students
HPI also supports school tuition fees, transportation and other allowances to less fortunate students in technical school
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