Granting Scholarship to excellent pupils and teachers
Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd (HVN) contributed VND 78,000,000
Granting Scholarship & Honda Library Donation
Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd (HVN) contributed VND 2.5 billion in total for granting 680 scholarships
Children\'s Idea Contest
Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd (HVN) held the Final Round and Awarding Ceremony of the 10th Children’s Idea Contest.
Y-E-S Award grants awards to Vietnamese students
Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd (HVN) held the 12th Honda Y-E-S awards (2017) in Hanoi
Providing Scholarships to 13 Schools
Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd (TH) supported scholarships for students
Honda Super Idea Contest - Thailand
Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (HATC) arranged its 13th Honda Super Idea Contest (2017) in Thailand.
Summer Internship Program
Atlas Honda Ltd. (AHL) offered summer internship programs to university students
Technical Training Session
Atlas Honda Ltd. (AHL) provided job-specific technical training sessions to various institutes
Honda Room Program
Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI) supported educational programs of technical schools
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