Direction of activities

Human (Safety Education), Technology (Vehicle Technologies) and Communication (Telecommunication Netwoks)

Issues concerning the traffic environment are diverse and vary from region to region, such as the over-concentration of traffic or poor infrastructure. Against this backdrop, Honda is promoting activities in three areas: “Human (Safety Education),” “Technology (Vehicle Technologies)” and “Communication (Telecommunication Networks).” The three are coordinated in line with the actual conditions existing in each region.

If we take Thailand, for example, traffic accidents involving motorcycles in particular have been increasing in recent years as a result of rapid development of motorization. In response, Honda began by focusing on the area of “Human (Safety Education),” which is highly effective in such conditions. In addition to Honda’s customers, younger people who will become drivers/riders in the future are included in the scope. We are implementing our own program in accordance with how local people think of the traffic environment and traffic safety in Thailand, utilizing the know-how we have accumulated over many years.

In addition to these activities, in the area of “Technology (Vehicle Technologies),” we have developed the “LaneWatchTM” system that is effective in preventing incidents where the driver fails to notice a motorcycle in the blind spot when an automobile changes lanes.

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