Communication (Telecommunication Networks)

In 1998, Honda started to offer “Internavi,” a car navigation system equipped with communication functions that provides information on traffic congestion through the use of driving data gathered from Honda vehicles. In addition to the usefulness mentioned above, Honda started to offer weather information in 2004, and disaster information in 2007. By utilizing the telematics service that integrated communication and information, we have started to provide drivers with information that will help them drive more safely and more comfortably.

In addition, Honda is currently focusing on building a system that will provide information on traffic conditions in surrounding areas and traffic accident risks on a real-time basis by integrating the “Honda SENSING/AcuraWatch” technologies with the telematics service, and, using wireless communication such as Wi-Fi, connecting with both other vehicles equipped with sensors or GPS, as well as people in surrounding areas who are carrying smartphones. Honda is striving to realize “a collision free mobile society” where everyone sharing the road can drive or walk with peace of mind.

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