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Jakarta - PT Astra Honda Motor introduces integrated driving safety campaign through tagline #Cari_Aman. Through the distinctive language of youth in delivering this serious message, AHM seeks to bring new perspectives to the younger generation in order to increase their interest and commitment in driving safety.

#Cari_Aman is a very popular phrase among the younger generation. This word contains the meaning of being careful by still raising the youthfulness side of youth.

President Director of AHM Toshiyuki Inuma said as the leader of the motorcycle market in Indonesia, AHM puts driving safety as the top priority. Various efforts have been made to campaign the safety of driving ranging from human resources, education, motorcycle technology, active communication to the public, construction of infrastructure safety riding center, and presenting the driving simulator Honda Riding Trainer (HRT).

"In the past 15 years, we have pioneered the development of over 15,000 safety riding programs for millions of people, delivered 150 safety riding instructors and 2,200 safety riding advisors on the Honda network, applied security technologies in many Honda motorcycles such as ABS technology and CBS, established 5 Safety riding center, and deploy 921 simulation tools driving the Honda Riding Trainer that has been exploited by more than 12 million users. We reinforce this effort with the newest campaign with the #Cari_Aman. "

Executive Vice President Director of AHM Johannes Loman said the company wants to increase awareness and new views regarding the importance of driving safety to all Indonesian people, especially the young generation. Through our #Cari_Aman campaign hope safety driving can be a national joint movement for all young people in Indonesia.

"We want young people to have different ideas from a new perspective on salvation through the light and exciting language typical of young people. We want them to realize that wearing driving safety equipment is not just for the sake of safety, but it can be part of the lifestyle. Helmets and jackets will not only keep you safe while driving, but can also make you look more attractive, cool, and stylish. We also understand how energetic the young people in the activity. Therefore, to get them to reach the many valuable things in life and achieve their dreams, the first thing they need to do is #Cari_Aman. "

AHM's great commitment to driving safety began in 2002. AHM started by preparing qualified human resources by setting up a reliable safety riding instructor. Each year, AHM sends its best representatives to study driving safety and hone competence in the safety riding instructors' training competitions in Japan. They return to the country and disseminate the knowledge gained.

AHM along with its main dealer network also developed Safety Riding Center which has spread in 5 cities, namely Serang developed by PT Mitra Sendang Kemakmuran as Serang primary dealer, Safety Riding Center Jatake developed by PT Wahana Makmur Sejati as main dealer area Jakarta - Tangerang, Safety Riding Center Jambi developed by PT Sinar Sentosa Primatama as Jambi main dealer area, Safety Riding Center Sidoarjo developed by PT Mitra Pinasthika Mulia as main dealer area East Java and NTT, and Safety Riding Center Yogyakarta developed by Astra Motor Yogyakarta .