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Honda Vietnam Holds Opening Ceremony of New Traffic Safety Education Center

Vinh Phuc, Vietnam – Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. (HVN), a Honda manufacturer and distributor of motorcycles and automobiles in Vietnam, today held an opening ceremony for its new Traffic Safety Education Center (TEC) in Vinh Phuc Province. The TEC is the first traffic safety center by a private company that provides safe drive training for both motorcycle and automobile drivers. The completion of the TEC will contribute to increasing HVN’s capacity to provide those safe drive trainings at the facilities according to international standards.
Attended the ceremony were honorable guests from government authorities, Mr. Khuat Viet Hung, Vice Chairman of National Traffic Safety Committee, Ms. Phan Thi Thu Hien, Deputy General Director of Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Vice Director of Traffic Police, Mr. Do Thang Hai, Deputy Minister of Industry & Trade, Mr. Le Duy Thanh, Vice Chairman of Vinh Phuc People's Committee and representatives of Government and local authorities. Mr. Yoichi Harada, Director of Driving Safety Promotion Center, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Mr. Minoru Kato, General Director of HVN attended the ceremony together with other guests from Honda.
The new center is built on 30,000 square meters adjacent to its factory in Vinh Phuc Province, about 30 kilometers from the center of Hanoi. The company invested approximately 3.3 million US dollars to enhance the frequency of trainings through at the larger and better training facilities. HVN now aims to receive 12,000 persons as trainees at the center per year.
As vehicle users are shifting from motorcycle to automobiles, thereby increasing traffic congestion and road accidents, HVN aims to increase awareness on road safety to the public. The company’s all-new TEC features advanced training infrastructures aligned to international standards and offers various training curriculum to cater to various needs of customers. To make sure of the quality of the training, the TEC’s trainings are given by highly skilled instructors trained in both Japan and Singapore.
HVN has been a pioneer in promoting traffic-safety consciousness among Vietnamese motorists for over 20 years, and in providing safe driving training to nearly 6 million people nationwide since the establishment of the first Traffic Safety Education Center in 1999.  HVN will continue to cooperate closely with Vietnamese’s government and local authorities to promote traffic safety awareness among the public nationwide. HVN hopes the new TEC center will set a new standard for safe drive training for motorcycles and automobile drivers to help achieve a “collision-free society” in Vietnam.
Key highlights of the center:
1) Thorough infrastructure with international standard:
The Center is designed to meet Honda’s safe driving training standards and Vietnamese traffic regulations to provide various training curriculums from basic to advanced programs. The 1,000 square meter office building zone has various facilities: lobby, showroom, common training classrooms, motorcycle and automobile training classrooms, theory testing room, eye sight testing room, and a canteen. The training track zone of 20,000 square meters outside the building is for trainees to practice basic and advanced driving skills on vehicles. The track simulates various road conditions that both motorcycle and automobile trainees would encounter in real life situations, which include rough, slippery, flooded and curved roads. The trainees will have opportunities to practice vehicle control and braking on these variable road conditions. The remaining area of 9,000 square meters is used mainly for car maintenance, washing and drying work..
2) Latest testing system: 
The TEC is authorized by Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to issue licenses for trainees applying for motorcycle licenses (A1, A2) and plans to extend to automobile licenses (B1,B2). Combining both theory and practical measures, the classes will prepare trainees to best perform during the process of obtaining motorcycle and automobile licenses. In following the relevant authority’s standards and criteria, HVN applies the latest sensor testing system (“Chip system” in Vietnamese) to TEC by equipping 3 main sensors (air, magnet, and distance) on the test track and in vehicles in order to ensure compliance with all Vietnamese for testing and licensing requirements.
3) Advanced and well-establish equipment for training:
The new TEC is equipped with advanced training equipment imported from Japan in order to deliver the best quality of training to all trainees, including: an automobile driving simulator, speedometers, seatbelt and airbag shock simulator, defensive braking machine, dynamic visual acuity meter, and night vision meter. There are 75 units of motorcycles (60 units of under 175cc models and 15 units of over 175cc imported models) and 16 units of cars (Honda Civic and Honda City models) to be used for one trainer per one trainee and one vehicle standard. HVN plans to import more training equipment and vehicles in the future.
4) Scientific training curriculum and internationally qualified instructors:
The training curriculums are packaged with supporting visual materials, which are based on the materials used by Honda’s safety driving centers in Japan and Singapore, to demonstrate the real traffic conditions in Vietnam. Each course will provide trainees with both theoretical and practical lessons. Theoretical lessons teach not only the traffic laws and regulations, but also the importance of safe driving, and accident preventive actions on the road. Practical lessons offer trainees opportunities to train their driving skills on various road conditions. The instructors will evaluate the trainees in terms of whether their driving skills are good enough to join next session, helping improve their knowledge and skills.
All instructors at the TEC are experienced and are well trained at Honda’s safety driving centers in Japan and Singapore to ensure the training is of the highest quality. The instructors participate in Honda Safety Instructor Competitions annually to upgrade their skills.
With the new facility, HVN plans to expand safe drive training to all HVN associates, safety driving instructors from motorcycle (Honda Exclusive Authorized Dealers) and automobile dealers, government agencies, private companies, and people who are interested in applying for motorcycle driving license (A1, A2). The company is planning to extend the licensing permission to automobile one (B1, B2) from Directorate for Roads of Vietnam.

Overview of Honda Safety Education Center:


Location:          Phuc Thang Ward, Phuc Yen Town, Vinh Phuc Province
Investment Capital: USD 3.3 million 
Number of instructors:   22 persons
Total area: 30,000 square meter (m2)
(Office zone: 1,000 m2 / Training track zone: 20,000 m2 / Vehicle care zone: 9,000 m2)
Training activities: - Training for HVN associates, instructors of motorcycle (HEAD)  and automobile dealers
- Training for government authorities (Traffic Police)
- Training for business customers
- Motorcycle testing and licensing A1, A2
- Training for terrain vehicles
- Advanced training for licensed drivers