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Honda Starts 4-year Investigation into Road Accident Causes

Bangkok, Honda announced today it has commenced a 4-year in-depth investigation into factors that cause road accidents in Asia and Oceania, starting with Thailand. The investigation is conducted by the Thailand Accident Research Center (TARC), which specializes in road accident research and analysis, from 2016 to 2020, covering a total of 1,000 cases. The results obtained through these investigations will be utilized to improve safety technologies and contents for safe riding and driving education with an aim to provide enhanced on-road protection for motorcycles and automobiles.

The project is announced by Mr. Noriaki Abe, Operating Officer - Chief Operating Officer, Regional Operations (Asia and Oceania), Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and President & CEO,  Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. at a press conference today which was attended by Mr. Kobchai Boonyaorana, Deputy Director-General, Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, representatives of government agencies and journalists.

As a mobility company, which provides various products to help its customers in their daily lives, Honda has always placed the highest priority on safety and is actively pursuing its goal of providing “Safety for Everyone” who uses roads. Concerned about the increase in road fatalities in Asia, Honda has decided to conduct in-depth investigations on accident causes in an effort to help reduce the death toll in the region. Honda is starting these investigations in Thailand, which is ranked highest in Asia for death toll in road accidents, and plans to expand it to other countries in the region at a later stage.

At the press conference, Mr. Abe said, “Honda is committed to realizing a ‘traffic collision-free society’, where everyone can safely share the road and enjoy the freedom of mobility. The high accident toll in Asia is an issue which needs an urgent solution. Therefore, Honda has decided to conduct a thorough study in the hope of finding the root causes of accidents and determining the appropriate course of action for them. We believe that these in-depth accident investigations in Thailand will result in valuable findings, which will help improve the road safety and contribute towards reduction in fatalities in Thailand and across the region.”
The investigations will be conducted in four major provinces with high accident toll, namely Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Songkhla, and 1,000 real accident cases will be evaluated over four years from 2016 to 2020.

Honda has provided TARC with the scope of the study, and TARC carries out the on-site investigations using most advanced research methodology, analyzes the data, and provide Honda with the first report by the end of 2017.

Honda and TARC conducted a pre-study on the causes of traffic accidents, evaluating 30 cases in early 2016. The know-how obtained during the pre-study has provided guidelines for the new large-scale investigations.

Honda expects the findings from these investigations will help define the root causes of road accidents, based on which Honda will endeavor to develop most effective safety technologies for all types of transportations it provides, and the most suitable safety educational contents to promote safe driving habits.

Honda is also convinced that the exercise will eventually prove beneficial to the society and contribute to the realization of a “traffic collision-free society” for people.
*From Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015 by World Health Organization (WHO)

1. TARC will dispatch its research team when an accident is reported.
2. The research team will conduct on-site investigations, covering
    - the level of injuries,
    - extent of damages to vehicles involved,
    - conditions at the site of the accident, and
    - how the accident occurred, including interviews with relevant personnel and witnesses.
3. TARC will record, compile, and analyze all the data collected through these investigations, and attempt to determine the factors that cause road accidents,
4. TARC will issue reports on the findings to Honda for its further analysis.