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Honda and NSET to Start Operating a New Environmentally-Friendly Co-generation System at Honda Motorcycle Plant in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Thai Honda), a manufacturer of Honda’s motorcycles and power products in Thailand and NS-OG Energy Solution (Thailand) Ltd.(NSET), a Bangkok-based energy solution provider, today jointly announced their collaboration to set up a new highly efficient gas-based on-site co-generation system at Thai Honda’s premises in Ladkrabang Industrial Estate, Bangkok. The collaboration reflects both companies’ commitment to minimize impacts of business activities on the global environment.

The new co-generation system will be built within the premises of Thai Honda and is expected to start operation in February 2018. With the new system equipped with low CO2 emission technologies, Thai Honda will be efficiently supplied electricity and energies such as steam, hot water and cold waters to its manufacturing processes. The company expects to reduce energy usage by over 13 percent annually while ensuring stability of its energy supply system. Besides, the system will reduce CO2 emissions during energy-generating process by over 7,000* carbon dioxide tons (t-CO2) yearly. Thanks to its high efficiency in reducing COemissions, this co-generation system will be subsidized by Japan’s Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM).

The partnership between the two companies was initiated by Thai Honda based on its environmental commitment to reduce CO2 at all operation processes. To improve its energy supplying system, Thai Honda assigned NSET, which possesses expertise in energy solutions, to set up an efficient co-generation system.

Thai Honda will give NSET with a detailed plan of its energy usage requirement, while NSET will set up an on-site co-generation system. Thus, NSET will provide Thai Honda its services, covering system designs, equipment purchase, construction, staff training and service maintenance during 15 years.

As both companies are committed to reducing carbon footprints in Thai and global societies, Thai Honda and NSET expect that the new environment-friendly and highly efficient co-generation system will help them attain this goal.
*Based on announced by Global Environment Center Foundation
About the new co-generation system:
Location:                                 Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
                                               Ladkrabang Industrial Estate, Bangkok
Land area:                               2,800 square meters
System provider:                     NS-OG Energy Solutions (Thailand) Ltd.      
Output capacity:                      Electricity                    7,000 kW
                                               Hot water                    2,000 kW
                                               Steam                         4 tons per hour
                                               Cold water                   1,400 refrigeration tons per hour
CO2 reduction:                         Approximately 7,000 carbon dioxide ton (t-CO2) per year
Expected operation start:         February 2018

About Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Thai Honda):
Thai Honda is a manufacturer of Honda’s motorcycle and power products in Thailand located in Bangkok, with annual production capacity of 1.7 million motorcycles and 3 million power products supply to Thai and worldwide market. From Honda’s environmental vision, the company commits to provide quality products and strive to reduce environmental footprint from all production process in a sustainable manner for a carbon-free society in Thailand.
About NS-OG Energy Solutions (Thailand) Ltd. (NSET):
NSET is a subsidiary of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co. Ltd. and Osaka Gas Singapore Pte. Ltd.. The company provides service in which NSET sets up high efficiency cogeneration system on customers' sites or near their sites, and contributes to reduce customers' CO2 emissions and energy costs through supplying stable and reasonable electricity and heat there. The cogeneration system is operated and maintained by NSET’s staff posted at the facility. NSET continuously contributes to reduction of CO2emissions and energy saving with customers in Thailand by promoting high efficiency cogeneration system.