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Environment Safety

Environment Initiatives

Indonesia\'s blue sky (fresh and healthy air)

 About 70,060 trees were planted in Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Karawang, Cikarang, Jambi, and Bandung.

"We for Green" club

In FY2016, about 2,050 trees were planted by 84 participants including 64 employees from TH and 20 representatives from the community.

HKKT Fund and Utokapat Foundation Join for Water Resources Management Project

Co-hosted a field activity in Na Khaem Sub-district, Prachin Buri Province as part of the water resources management project in the Prachin Buri river basin which follows the royal initiative of H.M.

Battery Brigade

 HPI's used batteries are donated for proper disposal through partner institutions.

Annual Tree Planting Activity on Mt. Banahaw-San Cristobal Protected Landscape in Rizal Laguna.

 Five thousand (5,000) native trees were planted in support of Haribon’s Rainforest Organization and Advocates (ROAD) to 2020.

River clean-up program

 This year was the fifth consecutive year of the program in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Protection of the city of Taipei.