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Honda has engaged in the development of safety technology placing an emphasis on real-life traffic environments

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Honda SENSING was developed as another step toward the realization of a collision-free society, where not only automobile occupants and motorcycle riders but also everyone who shares the road can enjoy their lives with peace of mind. The pursuit of a collision-free society is a part of Honda’s global safety concept, “Safety for Everyone.”

Honda SENSING is a collective name for advanced safety technologies that lead to Honda’s future automated driving technologies. It is a system consisting of two types of sensors with different characteristics. One is a millimeter-wave radar and the other is a monocular camera mounted on the upper, inside part of the windshield.

Honda SENSING operates to detect and take action to avoid situations such as one-car accidents, collisions and pedestrian injuries.  Honda SENSING provides safety, while keeping driving fun.

* These technologies are applied in certain countries or models.
Remark: Right-hand drive specification

Honda LaneWatch

LaneWatch  is Honda’s unique system that assists with the driver’s safety checks by displaying the view diagonally behind the vehicle on the navigation screen using a camera built into the passenger-side mirror. LaneWatch displays vehicles located in the driver's rear quarter blind spot, providing an expanded field of vision when changing lanes.

At the 1st ASEAN NCAP* Grand Prix Awards held in Malaysia in August 2014, the safety of LaneWatch was highly rated, and it was awarded the Safety Technology Award.

*ASEAN NCAP is the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asia region, a new addition to the NCAP program.

Other Active Safety

Antilock Brake System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD )


Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)


Vehicle Stability Assist System (VSA)


Multi-angle Rearview Camera


Passive Safety

G-Force Control Technology (G-CON)


Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE Body Structure)


i-SRS Airbag and Side Curtain Airbags